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Artotel Group and Nomaden TV Provide Integrated In Room Entertainment For Guest

January 16, 2024

Artotel Group officially collaborates with Nomaden TV on Thursday, December 21, 2023. Both parties are committed to providing a new experience for guests across all Artotel Group hotels. High-speed internet technology and internationally integrated entertainment will complement every hotel room.

"The rapid development of Artotel Group in the hospitality industry is greatly supported by the latest technology products. Nomaden TV is one of the entertainment technology platforms in the hospitality industry that Artotel Group trusts to accelerate digitalization. Artotel Group sees the rapid growth and popularity of Nomaden TV's entertainment technology, favored by players in the hospitality industry in Indonesia," stated Eduard Rudolf Pangkerego, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Artotel Group, in their official statement.

Artotel Group bersama Nomaden TV

Nomaden TV is the pioneer of the first cloud-based integrated entertainment service product in Indonesia. Developed by a local Indonesian company since mid-2019, Nomaden TV continues to set trends in entertainment technology for the hospitality industry. It offers advanced features to meet hotel guests' entertainment needs, including the flagship feature NomaCast, an enhancement of Google Chromecast technology facilitating easy content enjoyment during the stay.

In addition to Nomacast, Nomaden TV provides flexibility in interaction between hotels and guests. Hotels can surprise guests with welcome or birthday messages, and Nomaden TV can also provide emergency notifications integrated with the fire alarm system. Nomaden TV is integrated with various hotel PMS systems in Indonesia, allowing quick integration at any time.

Hotels have the freedom to showcase a variety of entertainment content, including premium services, conventional live TV, and integrated on-demand services. The content is fully supported by content owners, ensuring the legality of hotel services and transparency. Vedy Eriyanto, President Director of Nomaden TV, emphasized the importance of data security and guest account safety, highlighting the automatic account cleanup during guest check-out.

Nomaden TV expresses pride in being part of the journey to fulfill the entertainment needs of Artotel Group's hotel rooms. Vedy also thanked customers and partners for their collaboration, ensuring seamless content broadcasting with zero investment and zero downtime.

About Artotel Group :

Artotel Group is an Indonesian hotel management operator integrating four business units: Hotel (Stay), Food & Beverages (Dine), Event Management (Play), and Curated Merchandise (Shop). With a variety of brands like ARTOTEL, DAFAM, MAXONE, ROOMS INC, and the franchise brand KYRIAD, Artotel Group has over 100 hotels and 10,000 guest rooms across Indonesia. In Food & Beverage, Event Management, and Curated Merchandise, Artotel Group supports young artists to create through collaborations such as exhibitions, shows, workshops, and affordable art merchandise.

Artotel Group offers the Artotel Wanderlust loyalty program, providing benefits such as room and F&B discounts up to 50% for registered members. Operated through a digital app, Artotel Wanderlust is available for free on IOS and Android.

About Nomaden TV :

Nomaden TV is a pioneer in cloud-based IPTV services in Indonesia. Offering various modules and templates applicable across industries like hospitality, apartments, service providers, and cable TV operators, Nomaden TV simplifies technology complexity and enables faster installation processes for consumers. With full support from Google Indonesia, Nomaden TV devices launched in 2024 will come equipped with a remote screen, easing and speeding up hotel operator responses to technical issues.

Nomaden TV prioritizes guest data security with an auto sign-out system during check-out, ensuring guest comfort and data confidentiality.

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