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Hospitality TV Display

Nomaden Hospitality TVNomaden Hospitality TV

Easy To Use

Minimalist design and easy to use by guests from various backgrounds.

Integrated with PMS

Ready to integrate with hotel PMS to maximize personal touch for guests.

Promotion & Hotel Info

Increase your hotel sales by broadcasting promos and hotel facilities.

Zero Investment

Bring the best experience for your guests with effective cost.

Our Commitment

99,8% Uptime Warranty

24/7 Customer Service for Your Business

Worry Free

Smart Room Ready

Let guests freely enjoy watching their favorite content through a TV screen with a smart room ready.

Nomaden Smart Room

Branding & Customization

Customize the TV display according to your hotel brand image.
Show promo and update information real time.

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Hundreds Channel &
Premium Content

Nomaden FILM

Get It All At Once

IPTV Platform

Premium Content

Internet for Streaming

Internet for Guest


Cloud technology makes distribution content more practical
without a lot of investment from headend, server and distribution support devices.

Cloud IPTV Topography

Cloud IPTV technology cuts down the complex infrastructure.
Nomaden TV can provide a solution to fulfil in-room entertainment for your hospitality business.
Content is delivered smoothly and in high quality.

Zero Investment

Zero Downtime

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