Ilustrasi Nomaden Healthcare

Nomaden Healthcare

Optimize Service and Entertainment for Your Guest

Provide a variety of entertainment content and access patient information
as easy as watching TV.

Ilustrasi Nomaden Healthcare

Our Features

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Hospital Info

Show hospital information such as social programs and available health consular services departments.

Nomaden Healthcare

Doctor Schedule

Access doctor schedules, available specialties, and subspecialties.

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Nurse Call

Modern and practical nurse call through the TV screen.

Premium Content

Entertain and free your patient from limitation with hundreds of channels plus premium content.

Nomaden Healthcare

Patient Info

Make it easy for patients to access the most up-to-date health information.

Nomaden Healthcare

Digital Signage

Broadcast health service promotions to patients through the running text feature and promo menu.

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More Simple with Smart Room Ready

Expand your patient's entertainment space with Chromecast.
Watch favourite content from your personal gadget through the TV screen
without additional devices.

Officially Integrated

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Nomaden Vidio
Nomaden TransVision


Nomaden Healthcare is a cloud-based IPTV. Content distribution becomes practical
without a lot of investment in terms of headend, servers and distribution support devices.

Cloud IPTV Topography

Topologi Nomaden Healthcare

Nomaden Healthcare provides service information and patient entertainment.
Smoothly watching live TV and premium content.

Nomaden Investment

Zero Investment

Free of investment in infrastructure,
servers and distribution support devices.

Nomaden Investment

Zero Downtime

Smoothly stream unlimited content.

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