Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta Provides Advanced Nomaden TV Features for Guests

January 31, 2024

Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta is a five-star apartment hotel known for its luxurious facilities. The main attraction of Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta lies in its minimalist yet luxurious room spaces. There are various room types, including Studio Executive, Studio Premier, Two Bedroom Executive, and more.

Recently, Nomaden TV had the opportunity to experience the luxurious facilities of Two Bedroom Premier at Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta. This type of room comes with a main bedroom featuring a king-sized bed and a bathroom with a bathtub. The supporting room includes two single beds suitable for children.

In the Two Bedroom Premier type, Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta provides facilities such as a kitchen, laundry area, dining table, and a family room. Both the family room and the bedroom are equipped with dedicated TVs.

In-room entertainment at Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta is enhanced by Nomaden TV. Various premium content and advanced features from Nomaden TV contribute to maximizing the guest's staying experience.

"Compared to Nomaden TV and others, it's significantly superior. All streaming is already live. All facilities are prepared, and that's what you need now to facilitate guests staying at Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta," said Christian Jacob, General Manager of Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta, to Nomaden TV on January 11, 2024.

Through Nomaden TV, guests can check the hotel facilities available during their stay. Additionally, guests can directly view the hotel restaurant menu through Nomaden TV. The restaurant menu is accompanied by images to facilitate guests in deciding what to order.

"We can also welcome guests directly through the Greetings feature on Nomaden TV," he added.

In addition, Fahrizal, the IT Supervisor at Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta, explained that they can broadcast promotions and comprehensive hotel information through Nomaden TV. This operational process can be easily and real-time executed.

"We can also provide Welcoming Text for our guests," said Fahrizal.

Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta, together with Nomaden TV, is committed to providing the best experience and service. According to them, Nomaden TV's services significantly help satisfy the desires and needs of Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta's guests.

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